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Coach, Author, Speaker & Trainer 

"Wendy is one of the most eloquent passionate and genuine speakers that you will come across. Speaking from her heart, she sparks the fire in others. She has the ability to lift the spirit of those who hear her and have them want to fulfill their potential. What a gift! I feel very fortunate that Wendy spends some of her time with us on the 'Be the best you can be' school's project"


Dr David Hemery CBE. Olympic Gold Medalist.




My journey to discovering that life really does present opportunities started literally with a BANG – a high speed motorbike accident which caused severe spinal injury, cardiac arrest and years of rehabilitation.  This lead me down a pathway of diverse challenges – of which, becoming a Paralympian is just one example and possibly the one I am most proud.

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Available for online and in person events.  With 30 years experience in managing the human system to get results I will share how it is all an inside job.



1 - 1 Coaching

What does it mean to live life on purpose?  If you want to create change, remove the blocks or release the trauma then get in touch to find out which package suits you.

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Creating great leaders and teams begins with awareness followed by ownership and then completed with change.  We offer a diverse range of training for all needs.

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The Power Of Positive Re - inforcement

Wendy Smith - Wendy is a life coach and former Paralympian with team GB. Wendy started her journey at age 17 when she was involved in a serious motorbike accident and after years of rehabilitation she was able to get herself back into the world.

Books By Wendy Smith

Wendys Book - 50 ways to change

50 Ways To Change 

50 Ways To Change is a collaboration of all my favourite personal development tips and knowledge that I have accumulated over the past 30 years. This book is for those people interested in personal development and want to know how to get more out of life using the most powerful super computer on the planet... your mind. This is not just an informational book, it is a 'how to' guide for improving your life step by step. The first part of the book gives the reader an insight into themselves and takes them through some of the most powerful aspects of awareness and learning that have proved to be instrumental in my own development and have helped me overcome many life challenges. The second part of the book is the practical guide which is full of exercises to put this all into practice and begin to create whatever it is that you want more of.

Wendys second book - Wheel chair Basketball Guide

Wheel Chair Basketball Guide 

Quick fix guide for beginners to Wheelchair Basketball. This book is full of vital information for those beginning in the sport or wanting to know the basics to gain a deeper understanding. For players, parents, spectators or those just wanting an insight into one of the fastest growing sports globally.