Inspiring people through personal experience. Helping others see the potential they hold within.


Since 2012 I have been delivering keynote speeches and motivational talks to groups and organisations throughout the UK and Europe. The main aim is to raise awareness and inspire other people to explore the potential they hold within. For over 30 years I have persistently worked on myself to improve my attitude, understanding and awareness of the human system so I could overcome the adversity I faced and help others become more and move towards fulfilling their ambitions and dreams.

My passion in life is to help others step out of their comfort zones and experience life with a new understanding and grasp of the personal power they hold within. We are taught many things in school, however, we are not taught the most important factor in my opinion which is how to operate our personal system. Many people go through life following the autopilot responses that have been ingrained for years, never questioning how they got to this space or what they can do to change it.


Thought creates everything and when people learn how to regulate and utilise this powerful process, they can generate massive change in their environment.

Raising awareness through sharing my life experiences and knowledge helps other people to own their behaviours and look at life with a new perspective. Whether you are a CEO of a multi-national company or a 7 year old pupil, I specifically mould my delivery to have the greatest impact for those I am speaking to.

As a speaker I have had the privilege to speak alongside Lord Seb Coe, Dr David Hemery C.B.E and Lord Fink.


Attending prestigious and sensitive events to support and raise awareness of how we can overcome any adversity in life and utilise the potential in all of us to create change, has been one of the most rewarding aspects of all the work I do.



“Wendy Smith attended a prestigious and highly sensitive ceremony held in recognition of the outstanding achievements made by vulnerable young people in the capacity of a special guest. In the presence of other dignitaries she presented herself as a model of professionalism yet inspiration through her personable demeanour and motivating words.


She demonstrated flexibility in her communication, motivation through her emotive expressions and encouragement in her empathy.


In my experience, Wendy is someone who has an innate understanding of the different challenges that vulnerable young people and adults are faced with in the course of their personal and professional life and provides them with the reassurance throughout her own experiences that there is always a way forward. 


A great speaker and even better individual – I would definitely be looking to bring Wendy back again and will highly recommend her to anyone”. Kashif Nawaz, LAC Awards Organiser.


“Wendy is one of the most eloquent passionate and genuine speakers that you will come across. Speaking from her heart, she sparks the fire in others. She has the ability to lift the spirit of those who hear her and have them want to fulfill their potential. What a gift! I feel very fortunate that Wendy spends some of her time with us on the ‘Be the best you can be’ school’s project“. Dr David Hemery CBE. Olympic Gold Medalist.