The Full Story

About Wendy

My journey to discovering that life really does present opportunities started literally with a BANG – a high speed motorbike accident which caused severe spinal injury, cardiac arrest and years of rehabilitation.  This lead me down a pathway of diverse challenges – of which, becoming a Paralympian is just one example and possibly the one I am most proud.


I am a Personal Performance Coach & Mentor, I have worked in PTSD & Trauma release for 10+ years, hold a Level 3 Award in Education & Training, qualified NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Master and Trainer, EFT Master, Level 3 Basketball Coach & Tutor, Referee, Classifier, Sports Psychologist and Sports Massage Therapist

Also a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker standing alongside such great people as Dr. David Hemery and Lord Coe. I have developed, over the years, many different techniques that assist people in all environments to create successful outcomes fast.  Being a top UK Sports Coach & Neuro Trainer I use many applications to ensure the people I work with gain the knowledge and self-awareness they need to create the desired end result.  These processes enhance individuals performances and that leads to a productive team in any environment.  


I use my personal knowledge and experience of the ‘power of thought and intention’ to assist others in the creation of functional, enjoyable and productive life experiences.


Through proven successful methods, my aim is to show people how they can create the life experience they want to have. I enjoy taking people into the space of development and progress and then seeing the amazing end results that simple awareness can bring. When you know what you bring to the table, you can change anything, awareness is a powerful tool and can be an uncomfortable yet rewarding journey. I help people realise their full potential.