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The Full Story

About Wendy

Life does love to throw curve balls at you and I have had plenty of those to deal with.  What I have learnt through all of these experiences is that everything is an inside job.  When you learn to process, challenge and direct your thoughts, not react to those emotions and stay consciously aware of the unconscious autopilot programming... you can create great change in your life.


I am a Personal Performance Coach & Mentor, I have worked in PTSD & Trauma release for 10+ years, hold a Level 3 Award in Education & Training, qualified NLP (neuro linguistic programming) Master and Trainer, EFT Master, Level 3 Basketball Coach & Tutor, Level 2 Counsellor, Sports Psychologist, Sports Massage Therapist, Author & Radio Show Host

Also a Motivational and Inspirational Speaker standing alongside such great people as Dr. David Hemery and Lord Coe. I thoroughly enjoy getting on stage and sharing life experiences, learnings and a good dose of humour with those I am in front of.  What I love most is that many people after hearing my talks say that it has made them aware of the negative aspects they cling to and that they can change these at any point.  Adaptability and flexibility are two personality traits I hold dear and I never view anything as a problem, only a challenge to be overcome.

I use my personal knowledge and experience of the ‘power of thought and intention’ to assist others in the creation of functional, enjoyable and productive life experiences.


There are many successful methods I use to help people break out of those self imposed boxes and my aim is always to help them push through what seems impossible in the moment. I enjoy taking people into the space of development and progress and then seeing the amazing end results that simple awareness can bring. When you know what you bring to the table, you can change anything, awareness is a powerful tool and can be an uncomfortable yet rewarding journey. I find joy in helping people to realise their full potential.

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