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1 - 1 Coaching

Are you prepared to invest in yourself to get the best out of yourself?

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There are normally 2 types of people that come to me for coaching.  Person one would have experienced some type of trauma, has maybe already tried counselling or other therapies with no success and is at the end of their tether.  Person two tends to be someone who is maybe a bit stuck in life or unsure how to achieve a particular outcome and wants to find some clarity or direction through utilising performance coaching. 


Those that come to me with degrees of trauma are introduced to a process of emotional re-coding.  This process is designed to work directly on the emotional states that are being continually triggered off resulting in negative, self sabotaging or limiting behaviours.  The techniques used are gentle, easy to follow and highly effective.  The great thing about this technique is that it does not require the client to discuss the issues, therefore not embedding the trauma further.  Once we recode the problematic emotional responses behaviour changes which allows the client to move forwards in life again.

Performance coaching clients enjoy the best of both worlds.  I take a comprehensive look at their whole map of reality on all levels and then combine different approaches to plan and structure their pathway to success.  


There is no 'one size fits all' approach because every single person is highly unique in their makeup.  I teach people how to tune back into their internal guidance systems and discover that authentic self that many strive to find.  Many just want to find happiness in life and experience has shown that happiness is definitely an inside job and the simplest way to discover this feeling is to maintain progress.  Stagnation leads to depression and negative thoughts, progress leads to all the feel good factors and a desire to do more.


Awareness, Self Responsibility & Action.... the 3 keys to change

Everybody in life deserves the opportunity to explore their potential. Unfortunately through certain experiences early on in life many people develop mental or emotional limitations that prevent them from every really getting the best out of themselves and maybe spending life feeling down, depressed or like they just are not really good enough.  Well I am here to tell you that all of that is not true, every single one of you holds immense potential that you just need to learn how to tap into daily.  When you get rid of the rubbish that been stored and learn how to operate your beautiful powerful human system... the sky really has no limit.

Most people stay stuck in a loop for life because they never get the opportunity to become aware of their true potential for greatness

A great mentor of mine always said to me "there is a spark of greatness inside everyone" and I wholeheartedly agree with this statement and spend the majority of my time igniting those sparks to see people burn brightly as the awesome creators they should be.

How often have you heard the sayings of "don't blow your own trumpet" "don't get too big for your boots" etc... What would happen if we congratulated others for their achievements, complimented each other for our great attributes and celebrated each others wins?  I think we would have a space filled with more confident, happy and contented people if we learnt to shine bright and show others the way.

“First of all, thank you for the coaching, over the last week I have felt a sudden change of my behaviours and habits, without me realising, I feel more realigned and more focused on my goals than ever before.

Neel Rathood 

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