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Louise Danielle

Associate Consultant

Louise Daniel has spent over 12 years in business, transformational change and personal development.

In the line of her work she developed an accredited training & youth mentoring company, generating over £800,000 in revenue and partnering with local councils delivering prevention and development work to at risk youth and families. Louise created and managed several inclusion projects in the local community, developed and delivered transformational leadership training to public sector organisations, recruited and trained 100’s of volunteers and students and positively impacted the lives of over 700 young people in the process.
Louise’s work led her to local and national awards and recognition, culminating in being named one of Norfolk and Suffolk’s 100 Most inspirational women and an invite to chaperone HRH Princess Anne at St James Palace.

Today Louise works globally with corporate companies, entrepreneurs and leaders from as far a field as the United States, Australia and across Europe. Leaning on her own personal experience of growing two her businesses along with 23 courses and 12 years of study in the fields of leadership & management, business development & marketing, transformational change, neuroscience & psychology. She continues to work with individuals, businesses and organisations in the areas of personal change, inner transformation, leadership and business development.

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