Stephen Jakes

Associate Trainer

Stephen A. Jakes has dedicated the last 7 years to ​learning and understanding the complexity of the human mind and how it dictates our emotions, which in turn creates our experience of life.

Stephen is a Neuro Reboot Technician, Level 1 DTO Practitioner Therapist, Personal Development Coach, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified NLP Practitioner and has worked with some of the leading minds in the field of neuroscience and behavioural therapy and has been responsible for the healing and transformation of many individuals.

Having overcome many life traumas including severe depression and anxiety, suicidal thoughts, mental, physical and emotional abuse, drug and alcohol addictions, bereavement of a child, financial fraud and deception and relationship betrayal, Stephen is well equipped to help the majority of people and has experienced many of the traumas and emotional issues individuals struggle with in their everyday life.

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